Five Star Star San 32oz (Pack of 2)

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Five Star Star San 32oz (Pack of 2)

Are you tired of spending too much on sanitizer for your home brewing needs? Look no further than Five Star Star San 32oz! This pack of 2 containers gives you everything you love about Five Star sanitizer (Star San) but in an economical 32 oz. size. The folks at Star San have even kept the handy measuring tool built into the container, making dilutions quick and easy. Plus, it’s manufactured in the United States, so you can trust the quality.


No Rinse Sanitizer

Star San is a go-to sanitizer among home brewers, providing a true no-rinse sanitation step that requires 1 minute or less. This makes the sanitization process quick and easy, so you can focus on the brewing process.

Convenient Size

The 32 oz. container is economical and provides enough sanitizer to last through multiple brewing sessions. Plus, the built-in measuring tool makes it easy to dilute the sanitizer to the perfect concentration.

Easy Application

You can even place your dilutions into a spray bottle and apply directly to surfaces you want to sanitize, stretching your juice even further. This makes it easy to ensure that all of your brewing equipment is properly sanitized.


Is Star San safe to use on all brewing equipment?

Yes, Star San is safe to use on all brewing equipment, including stainless steel, plastic, and glass.

Do I need to rinse after using Star San?

No, Star San is a no-rinse sanitizer, making it quick and easy to use.

Can I use Star San for other cleaning purposes?

While Star San is primarily designed for sanitizing brewing equipment, it can also be used for general cleaning and sanitizing around the home.


Five Star Star San 32oz is the perfect solution for home brewers looking for an economical and effective sanitizer. With its no-rinse formula, convenient size, and easy application, it’s a one-stop shop for killing the bugs and ensuring that your brewing equipment is properly sanitized.