Men’s and Women’s Sprint Spike Track Field Shoes

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Men’s and Women’s Sprint Spike Track Field Shoes

Men’s and Women’s Sprint Spike Track Field Shoes

Get ready for track and field competitions with our lightweight and breathable sprint spike track field shoes. Designed for speed and stability, these shoes are perfect for sprinting, long jump, and high jump.


  • Honeycomb lightweight outsole design
  • Breathable and rebounding material
  • 8 wear-resistant steel nails for strong grip
  • Soft and comfortable lining for stability
  • Thickened sponge wrap for improved foot stability

Package Includes

1 pair of track & field shoes with 8 nails


  1. Dimensions may have errors
  2. Chromatic aberration may occur due to different monitors
  3. Refer to the size picture for accurate sizing
  4. Tighten the nails before wearing the shoes


Wear-resistant steel Spikes Design

Special reinforcement design for spiked shoes, scientific distribution of 8 spikes, light weight, sprint competition power.

Upper Material

Professional performance synthetic leather fabric, close-fitting, lightweight material, effective ventilation, streamlined body, improve texture, high-speed running, lace-up closure.


Professional rubber sole, high-elastic material, increase the breathability of the sole, reduce the impact of landing, the hardness of the sole is good, wear-resistant and non-slip, effectively improve speed. Professional distribution of 8 nails, provides strong grip.

Wear Stable Shape Shoes

High-performance materials make the shoe body more streamlined, make it easier for the wearer to turn and accelerate, and more effectively overtake the opponent.

Wide range of uses

It can be used for sprinting, long jump, high jump and other track and field sports on various terrains.


Our sprint spike track field shoes are the perfect choice for athletes looking to enhance their performance in track and field events. With a focus on speed, stability, and grip, these shoes will help you reach new heights in your competitions.