Penguin Pottery – Clear Glaze (5 Lbs Dry)

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Penguin Pottery – Clear Glaze (5 Lbs Dry)

Penguin Pottery – Clear Glaze (5 Lbs Dry)

Are you a ceramic artist looking to add a beautiful, glossy finish to your pottery creations? Look no further than Penguin Pottery’s Clear Glaze. Our high-quality glaze is perfect for mid fire and high fire pottery, specifically designed for cone 5-6 firing. Each package contains 5 lbs (2.3 kg) of dry glaze, providing you with ample material to work with.

Enhance Your Creations

With Penguin Pottery’s Clear Glaze, you can elevate the appearance of your ceramic pieces. The glaze creates a stunning, glass-like finish that enhances the colors and details of your pottery. Whether you’re crafting functional tableware or decorative art pieces, our clear glaze will give your work a professional and polished look.

Easy Application

Our clear glaze is formulated for easy application, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced ceramic artists. Simply mix the dry glaze with water to create a smooth, consistent liquid glaze. Apply it to your pottery using a brush, dip, or spray method, and then fire your pieces according to the recommended cone 5-6 temperature. The result is a durable, food-safe finish that will impress your customers and admirers.


  • Q: Is Penguin Pottery’s Clear Glaze food-safe?
  • A: Yes, our clear glaze is formulated to be food-safe, making it suitable for functional pottery such as mugs, plates, and bowls.
  • Q: Can this glaze be used on low fire pottery?
  • A: While it is specifically designed for mid fire and high fire pottery, some artists have successfully used it on low fire pieces with adjusted firing schedules.
  • Q: How many coats of glaze should I apply?
  • A: We recommend applying 2-3 coats of clear glaze for optimal results, ensuring even coverage and a smooth finish.
Order Your Clear Glaze Today

Don’t settle for dull, unglazed pottery. Elevate your creations with Penguin Pottery’s Clear Glaze. Order a 5 lbs (2.3 kg) package today and experience the difference it makes in your ceramic artistry.


Penguin Pottery’s Clear Glaze is the perfect choice for ceramic artists seeking a high-quality, versatile glaze for their mid fire and high fire pottery. With easy application and stunning results, this clear glaze will take your creations to the next level.