PromateXwatch-B19 Fitness Smart Watch | The Ultimate Fitness Companion

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PromateXwatch-B19 Fitness Smart Watch | The Ultimate Fitness Companion

PromateXwatch-B19 Fitness Smart Watch

Introducing the PromateXwatch-B19 Fitness Smart Watch, a stylish and functional accessory for your active lifestyle. With a 1.9-inch display, Bluetooth calling, IP67 water resistance, voice assistant, and more, this smartwatch is the perfect companion for all your fitness and health needs.

Main Features

1.9-inch Display

The large display of the PromateXwatch-B19 provides clear and vibrant visuals, making it easy to read notifications and track your fitness progress.

Bluetooth Calling

Stay connected on the go with the smartwatch’s Bluetooth calling feature, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist.

IP67 Water Resistant

Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or caught in the rain, the IP67 water resistance ensures that your smartwatch can handle it all.

Voice Assistant

Access your favorite voice assistant with a simple voice command, making it easy to set reminders, check the weather, and more.

15 Days Battery Life

With an impressive battery life of up to 15 days, the PromateXwatch-B19 keeps up with your active lifestyle without constantly needing to be recharged.

30 Sports Modes

From running and cycling to yoga and swimming, the smartwatch offers 30 different sports modes to accurately track your workouts.

Real-time Health Monitor

Keep an eye on your health with real-time monitoring of your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns.

100+ Watch Faces

Customize your smartwatch to suit your style with over 100 different watch faces to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the smartwatch compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the PromateXwatch-B19 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to sync your fitness data with your smartphone.

Can I swim with the smartwatch on?

Yes, the IP67 water resistance means that the smartwatch can be worn while swimming or engaging in water sports.

How do I change the watch face?

Simply navigate to the settings on the smartwatch and select the watch face option to browse and choose from the available designs.


The PromateXwatch-B19 Fitness Smart Watch is a versatile and reliable companion for anyone looking to stay on top of their fitness and health goals. With its array of features and stylish design, it’s the ultimate fitness accessory for the modern individual.