TRAVALO Obscura- Perfume Atomizer|Lightweight Refillable and Portable Spray Bottle

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TRAVALO Obscura- Perfume Atomizer|Lightweight, Refillable and Portable Spray Bottle

Introducing TRAVALO Obscura

Are you tired of carrying bulky perfume bottles when you travel, go to the gym, or head to the office? Look no further than the TRAVALO Obscura, the ultimate solution for your perfume needs on the go.

Lightweight and Portable

Say goodbye to lugging around heavy glass perfume bottles. The TRAVALO Obscura is lightweight and portable, making it the perfect travel companion. Slip it into your purse, pocket, or gym bag with ease.

Refillable Design

With its refillable design, the TRAVALO Obscura allows you to easily transfer your favorite perfume from its original bottle to the atomizer. No more worrying about running out of your signature scent while you’re out and about.

Patented Genie-S Technology

The TRAVALO Obscura features patented Genie-S technology, ensuring that your perfume is kept fresh and intact without any leaks or spills. You can trust that your perfume will be ready to use whenever you need it.

Perfect for Travel, Gym, and Office

Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe, hitting the gym for a workout, or heading to the office for a busy day, the TRAVALO Obscura is the ideal companion. Its compact size and TSA-approved capacity of 5 ml make it a must-have for any occasion.

Available in Grey

The TRAVALO Obscura comes in a sleek and stylish grey color, adding a touch of elegance to your perfume collection. Its modern design is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Refillable design
  • Patented Genie-S technology
  • Perfect for travel, gym, and office
  • TSA approved
  • Capacity of 5 ml
  • Available in Grey

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TRAVALO Obscura TSA approved?

Yes, the TRAVALO Obscura is TSA approved, making it perfect for travel.

Can I refill the TRAVALO Obscura with any perfume?

Yes, the TRAVALO Obscura is designed to be compatible with most perfume bottles, allowing you to easily refill it with your favorite scent.

How do I transfer perfume to the TRAVALO Obscura?

Transferring perfume to the TRAVALO Obscura is simple. Just remove the spray head from your perfume bottle, pump the TRAVALO up and down on the tube, and you’re good to go.


Say goodbye to bulky perfume bottles and hello to the convenience of the TRAVALO Obscura. Its lightweight, refillable, and portable design, combined with patented Genie-S technology, make it the perfect choice for travel, gym, and office use. With its TSA-approved capacity and stylish grey color, the TRAVALO Obscura is a must-have accessory for anyone on the go.